After working on enough web applications, you start to wonder if this kind of integration testing is really worth all the hassle. All that time spent setting up containers, configuring Cargo and Maven, attaching remote debuggers, it all seems to suck up your time! I worked on one RESTful web application where I actually tried to get away without integration testing and only did any sort of integration testing directly through the REST framework. This of course proved to be rather ineffective and I quickly learned from my mistakes!

While working on yet another RESTful web application , it occurred to me that this whole process could be a lot easier if I could just run my functional tests in the same way as I run Spring itegration tests. From there, Jitr was born.

I hope you find Jitr helpful and always love to hear about bugs, feature requests (through the issue tracker of course) and any other comments you want to fire my way .

-- Josh Devins

Thank You

No man is an island and certainly no project is either. Several people and organizations have contributed to making this little project possible.

  • Sabine, my wife, for her unending support, patience and encouragement.
  • Michael C. Berch for donating the domain The JITR archives are still available here .
  • for hosting this project.
  • FreeDNS for DNS hosting.