If the included containers just aren't right for you, Jitr allows you to create your own wrappers around whatever container you wish. Simply implement the Container interface or extend one of the existing container wrappers and set the class on the @JitrConfiguration annotation of your test classes. That's it!

public interface Container<T> {

    String getName();

    T getWrappedContainer();

    ServletContext initialize(ConfigurationModel configuration,
            Annotation[] testClassAnnotations);

    void start() throws ContainerOperationException;

    void stop() throws ContainerOperationException;

Inside the container wrapper, you will have access to all of the Jitr configuration elements as well as any annotations on your test class so you also have the ability write your own configuration annotations.

Lifecycle Listeners

This feature is currently not implemented but it is planned. Feel free to visit the tracker page for more information and a status update.